I’m a day behind with this CYG project but it kind of worked out because yesterday’s theme of memorial is perfect for today. Today is the anniversary of our babies’ due date. While I know that there’s NO WAY triplets would have ever been born on or even near their due date, I still think of this day as theirs. It doesn’t make me particularly sad, just a little wistful I suppose. What could have been had they just made it a little closer to this date. Anyway, it works out with memorial because last year on this day I got my first tattoo to memorialize our 3 littles. I meant to share pictures way before this but just never got around to it, so today’s the perfect excuse. You’ll even get some bonus footage. 🙂

I kind of had this vague idea last year that I wanted to get their names tattooed on my foot on their due date. I didn’t make an appointment though and didn’t really know where to go. I knew that a lot of inks weren’t vegan (many have animal bone char- yuck!) and it was important to find someone who only used vegan inks. I’m sure I would have talked myself out of it because I didn’t have the brain power for decision-making and problem solving (the grief fog was still nice and thick last October) if not for my dear and supportive friend Jennifer. She knew how much I truly wanted to do it and how important it was to me to do it on that day, so she said she’d go with me and help me find a place that uses vegan inks. Many phone calls later to tattoo parlors all over the LA/Orange county area, we found a guy right in downtown Long Beach who has been a vegan for years and only uses vegan ink. You can imagine how happy it made me to not only have vegan ink but a vegan tattoo artist to boot!

Lots of hemming and hawing over fonts ensued, and texting Jer (aka font guru) to get his opinion. Jen was so patient, assuring me she was in it for the long haul and I could take as much time as needed. It took a long time my friends. Her then boyfriend now husband Nathan showed up during all of the deciding and was so patient as well. These two are keepers, I tell ya. Finally a decision on font and placement was made and we could get on with it already!

Excited to get my first tattoo!

Tattoo in process…

Me and the incredible tattoo artist Renan

And here’s the finished product. I love it so much. The font debate paid off I think. Oh how I love their names!

Capture Your Grief Day 5, Memorial