It’s been way too long without an update, I know. I’m getting a lot of “more belly pics!” emails, which I can honestly say I don’t get but I love that you care and are interested in me and the babies. πŸ™‚ So without further ado….

Week 18

Week 19

I think in the pics it looks like I haven’t changed much from week 18 to 19, but trust me, the belly is bigger…and bigger…and bigger. Every day I come into work my co-workers marvel at it- “You look bigger than yesterday! How is that possible?!” I don’t know ladies, but it is. It truly has a life of its own.

Overall I’ve been feeling good. Starting to get uncomfortable but the belly band helps with that when I’m working. When I’m sleeping (or rather, attempting to sleep) it’s very hard to find a position that feels good so I often end up on my back which is a no-no. I was a back sleeper pre-babies so it’s a hard habit to break. Trying to switch from side to side throughout the night and if I’m on my back, I try to lean a little one way or the other to avoid my full weight resting on my back. Other than that I just have heartburn and occasional fits of coughing or vomiting but I think that’s just because my organs are running out of room and trying to adjust. Really glad that I’m doing as well as I am in all honesty.Β  It seems as if my body just keeps going without much trouble and I’m just along for the ride. Here’s hoping for many more weeks like that!

Most importantly, the babies are doing good. They’re measuring big and look strong and healthy on all the scans. I’m very thankful indeed to all of you who have been keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. It really means more than you’ll ever know.