I know I promised the big baby sexes reveal today, but unfortunately our appointment had to be rescheduled. Jer and I changed to Anthem Blue Cross a few weeks ago from Health Net in the hopes of better coverage and less dollars down the road once the hospitalizations come for me and the babies. Apparently, the referral in the works to the MFM specialists was still under the Health Net system. So yesterday my OB’s office called Anthem and tried to get them to accept the Health Net approved referral and just transfer it into their system but they refused. The referral had to be rewritten and resubmitted but they did mark it “urgent” which means it should process in 24-48 hours. So the appointment was rescheduled to Thursday morning, assuming the referral goes through by then.

For those of you that may have missed it, Jeremy did a fabulously funny and rhythmic post on the woes of health insurance several weeks ago on his blog, Tips On Triplets. Check it out.