While heading to work the other day I saw the scruffiest, cutest, smallest little dog walking down the sidewalk unaccompanied. He looked kind of bewildered, looking up as people passed by unaware with a “do you know where I belong?” kind of look. I also noticed he had some kind of purple paint on his back legs and splotches of it on his back. Someone had done that to him. Maybe in a “wouldn’t it be cute if we spray painted our dog purple for Easter?” kind of way, but this vegan was not amused. I pulled over to see if he’d come to me and unbelievably he did! I say unbelievably because other than one successful dog rescue last year (in which my friend Jen chased down the lost dog and I just joined her with towels, a leash, and a ride to the shelter), I have never successfully caught a lost dog.

Not that I haven’t tried. I’ve chased them up and down Long Beach when I see them running through traffic, freaked out, no care-takers in sight. I’ve followed them in my car through neighborhoods with animal control on the phone giving them directions to where the dog is headed next. But it’s like they know I’m not really a dog person or something and refuse to come to me. I mean, I really do love animals. So much. But I’ve never really related to dogs like I do to cats. Now cats I have rescued. All my life, many, many cats. But dogs…not so much. So I was very excited when this little sweetie just kind of melted into my arms, shaking, scared, wanting help. He had obvious fleas and was so skinny. He did have a purple collar but no ID, which makes absolutely NO SENSE! I had a client coming in less than five minutes at that point so I’m standing there, holding this precious dog with no idea what to do when I saw a woman walking her dogs. “Do you live in this neighborhood? Any idea whose dog this is?” I asked the woman. She said she did live there but hadn’t seen the dog before. I told her the situation and that I wasn’t sure what to do. If I didn’t have a client on the way I’d drive him to the Long Beach shelter but…. She was a fellow animal lover, and was horrified at the dog’s condition. She said, “If it’s alright with you, I can take him in and put him in my kitchen right now and then figure out what to do with him later- put up fliers or take him to the shelter…” I could tell she was a kindred animal loving soul so I gratefully accepted. I have a feeling that little dog is already a member of her family. 🙂

When I got to work I told Jen (previously mentioned dog rescuer) about my morning and she said “pregnant with triplets and rescuing a dog, huh?” and kind of laughed. It was the first it had occurred to me. The triplets went on their first animal rescue! I suddenly beamed, a proud and happy mama, thinking about the rescues to come. Teaching my babies the value and importance of helping those who cannot help themselves, those who don’t have a voice in this world (human and non-human alike), will be one of the great joys of my life. Teaching and displaying compassion, kindness, self-sacrifice, and a view open to both the harsh realities of the world and its beauty. Sharing with my children the hope and responsibility to make the earth better, to participate, and to not let cynicism crush their fighting spirits. Oh man, activists in the making… 🙂

Here’s me at 16 weeks. Tomorrow, fingers crossed, we find out the sexes. Can’t wait!!!

Week 16!