So today’s the day we let the world know we’re expecting triplets! And by the world I mean facebook. For some reason I’ve been a little nervous about this reveal and have even been trying to put it off. We were going to do it over the weekend and then I convinced Jer to wait until today because I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. “Maybe we should wait until after the doctor’s appointment. Just to make sure everything’s still okay.” He caved. “Alright Care, but that’s it. Wednesday’s the day.” So here we are. Wednesday, March 30th 2011. No more secrets. Let the avalanche of crazy begin. If you’ve found your way over here after the big announcement, welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. Come back again, will ya?

Here’s a pic of what I look like today, at just 13 weeks.

13 weeks preggo

And because I realized today I had yet to show any pics of the babies, here are some of their most recent shots:

Here they are! They're all at different angles, but this is the best pic we have of the 3 of them together. 🙂

Now for their individual moments in the sun:

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

Man, every time I look at these I kind of shake my head in disbelief a little. 3 babies are inside of me. It feels completely freakish and miraculous all at once. I’m thankful to God for each of them and yet completely terrified of what is to come. Not meeting them, (that part I’m looking forward to!) but the process leading up to meeting them. It’s a long, hard road on a fast track but I’m trying to keep the faith that there won’t be any major bumps or roadblocks along the way. Your prayers and good vibrations are appreciated. 🙂