Yesterday I bit the bullet and went shopping for some maternity gear. This may seem a little surprising to some that I would need maternity clothes after only 12 weeks of pregnancy but let me tell you: the belly has come out. It’s ridiculous. I pretty much went to sleep one night with just a little paunch (which I kinda had pre-pregnancy, let’s be honest) and woke up the next morning with a full on pregnancy bump. Everyone keeps assuring me it’s perfectly normal with multiples but it’s weird.

I went to Target, didn’t really want to spend a lot and just wanted a few pieces- specifically jeans and a new bra. This ended up being a little more difficult than I expected. Mostly because I had no idea what size to get. I mean, I know my jean size pre-pregnancy. I can even still fit in those jeans I just can’t button/zip them up. But then I’m thinking if I’m this big at 12 weeks how big will I be in another 2 weeks? A month? I can’t just keep buying new maternity jeans every couple of weeks. Besides the money, I’m not going to feel like going shopping that much. So I opted for some yoga style pants with the flap in the front. I bought 2 pairs, both on clearance for $4.98. Score! Now, they do say size M but the tag assures me they are good for all stages of pregnancy and even after. We’ll see. I figured for 5 bucks a pop even if they last a month it’s a deal. Plus yoga pants seem more forgiving than denim. It was harder for me to get on board with maternity tops. I did find one acceptable sweater but most were a little too cutesy and again, what on earth size do I get? So I hit the clearance rack and went with some XXL tanks and tees. I figured right now they can be a little more of a tent/tunic style over stretchy pants and then you know, next week when I go to bed an L and wake up an XXL I’ll have some fitted baby tees. 😉 Here’s a pic of my finds. Not too shabby, right?

An attempt to find a maternity bra was less successful but just as overwhelming. Again, what size am I now?! I mean I’m getting big but at this point I still have one of my old bras I can squeeze into. It’s not comfortable by the end of the day though and I know I’m only going to get bigger but what to get? Should I go somewhere and get measured? But then again I’m just going to keep growing so will I end up with tons of bras that no longer fit after the pregnancy? I saw maternity bras that were stretchy cotton that you just put on over your head sports bra style but they are not attractive and seem to have no support or uh, modesty for the nipple area, *ahem*. One of my clients insisted that you should get nursing bras when you’re pregnant because you can wear them before you need them and then you’re buying bras you’ll keep using after the babies come. This makes sense but the snaps and pads freaked me out so I had to pass. In the end, I held bras up to me and kept looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was noticing. I landed on a regular bra that was a little larger than I wear now. I know there’s a better way. I had no idea that this would be so difficult. This is just another of the millions of things I never thought about before becoming pregnant. My respect for all the mothers of the world has increased tenfold. So much happens to our bodies and there seems to be some “in the know” club as to how to handle it all but no one’s telling. Let’s put it on the table ladies. It sucks. What are we going to do about it?

I also took a stroll through the baby section. I thought this would bring some warm fuzzies and clear my head of the bra debacle. And there were some fuzzies. Little tiny shoes and socks and hooded towels. Very cute indeed. But then there are the monstrosities that are bouncers, and cribs sets, and car seats. Everything is so BIG! Was it always this way or has America just super sized its baby stuff too? I mean the bouncer seat seems small enough, baby sized, but then there’s this giant plastic frame. I have a 980 sq ft condo and 3 babies are on the way. One of those things wouldn’t fit in here let alone 3. Plus they’re kind of ugly. No design quality whatsoever. I did find some really great bouncers that are small and well designed but they’re pretty expensive, especially times 3. So what’s a modern mom to do? If I figure it out, I’ll let you know! For now the search goes on…

My trip to Target was finished off with some inappropriate touching in the check out line. The cashier ringing up my maternity gear asked me “how far along are you?” I told her 3 months and she just kind of paused and looked at me confused. I explained “I’m a little bigger because I’m expecting multiples. Triplets actually.” She shrieked. “TRIPLETS!!! I’ve never known anyone expecting triplets! You’re so lucky!” I smiled, “yeah?” “Oh yes!” she said, “I only have two kids and had to go through pregnancy and birth twice. You’re getting it all done at once. That’s smart!” Okay, let’s call it smart. And then it happened. The moment all pregnant women talk about. While I was busy swiping my card and signing the bill she reached out and rubbed my belly. It’s a very odd moment. I wasn’t really mad but I wasn’t exactly happy about it either. Just kind of confused and stunned. I walked out and texted Jer about the experience. After a “Hahaha” text back he said simply, “Better get used to it darlin’.” Yeah. I guess I better….